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Concrete Fasteners

OMG offers two fasteners specifically designed for securing insulation and membrane to structural concrete: the CD-10 and Fluted Nails.

The OMG CD-10 is a hammer-in, non-threaded fastener with a split bulb design that exerts pressure on hole walls for superior strength and hold power. Available in lengths between 2-in and 12-in.

OMG Fluted Nails are a hammer-in, non-threaded fastener with a spiral flute design for increased performance.  Available in two lengths: 2-inch and 2.5-inch.

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MDC Approved
FM Approved
CE Approval
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Diamond points allow easier installation and less chance of hole damage.
  • CD-10 are the strongest hammer-in fasteners available with typical pullout values in cured concrete (3000 psi) are over 800 lbs. 
  • Spiral flutes on the Fluted Nails greatly increase pullout resistance.
Product Use

Product Use

Pre-drill a hole using a carbide drill bit (7/32-in. for CD-10; 3/16-in. for Fluted Nail). Install fasteners with a 2 lb. short handle sledge hammer. Minimum fastener embedment into the deck should be 1-in. The pre-drilled hole must be a minimum of 1/2-in. deeper than fastener embedment.

Prior to job start, contact OMG to perform a pull out test to determine deck suitability and pullout values.

Note: Care must be taken not to overdrive the fastener causing subsequent damage to the insulation facer.

Technical Data

Technical Data

The data below is constant for both CD-10s and Fluted Nails.

Head Diameter: .435-in. (11-mm.)

Head Style: Flat Top Pan

Coating: OMG CR-10 corrosion resistant coating passes the corrosion requirements of FM Approval Standard 4470 and EAD 030351-00-0402.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info


Cat. No. Fastener Length (in) Packaging Qty Weight (lbs)
CD002 2 500 13
CD212 2 1/2 500 16
CD003 3 500 18
CD312 3 1/2 500 21
CD004 4 500 23
CD412 4 1/2 500 25
CD005 5 500 28
CD512 5 1/2 500 31
CD006 6 500 33
CD007 7 500 38
CD008 8 500 44
CD009 9 250 25
CD010 10 250 28
CD011 11 250 31
CD012 12 250 33

Fluted Nail

Cat. No. Fastener Length (in) Packaging Qty Weight (lbs)
FN002 2 500 12
FN212 2 1/2 500 14