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Image of PermaSnap coping system PermaSnap & PermaSnap Plus Coping
Factory Mutual tested and approved coping system for use on parapet walls up to 32-inches wide.
Image of QuickSnap Coping QuickSnap Coping
QuickSnap Coping is a three piece system consisting of coping clips and coping cap.
Image of Formed Coping Formed Coping & Formed Coping Plus
OMG Formed Coping and Formed Coping Plus products are easy to install, tested and warranted systems that act as the roof’s first line of defense.
Image of Continuous Cleat Continuous Cleat Coping & Continuous Cleat Plus Coping
This coping system combines a continuous anchor cleat with an intermittent anchor clip. The continuous formed anchor is 24 ga. with 20 ga. clips.
Image of Bullnoze coping BULLNOZE Coping
A coping system designed for single-ply, built up or modified bitumen roofing.
Image of Shadowline Coping Shadowline Coping
OMG's Shadowline is a metal coping with hold down cleats and metal drain chairs for capping most any parapet.

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