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When it comes to protecting commercial roofs on K-12 school and educational facilities, there’s no better lesson than an edge metal system from OMG EdgeSystems. The perimeter edge metal system serves as the roof’s first line of defense when it comes to protection against wind and water infiltration. We offer the industry’s widest selection of ANSI/SPRI/FM 4435/ES-1 tested and approved edge metal systems for low sloped roofs including fascia, coping, water control systems, and custom edge products. We also have extensive experience working with K-12 and educational facility specifiers and school boards.

Case Studies

K-12 School and Educational Facility Projects

Providence Middle School
Lake Elementary School
Parkview Elementary School
Mt. Greylock Regional High School
West Shore Middle School
Spring Creek Elementary School
Denmark High School
Northview Elementary School
Butterfly Ridge Elementary School
Delano School
Wallace Elementary School
Dover Shores Elementary School
Audubon K-8 School
Ledyard Middle School

Maxey Elementary School
Sugarloaf Elementary School
Eagle View Elementary School
Newton Middle School
Homestead High School
Van Alstyne Elementary School
Parkside Elementary School
Muskegon Heights High School
Charles County Public Elementary Schools
Powhatan Middle School
Pine Hills Elementary School
Cherryland K-8 School
Spring Lake Park Elementary School
Dowagiac Union High School
Seminole High School
Cordova High School
Boggy Creek High School
Bunnell High School

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