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OMG BeadPro

The OMG BeadPro Multi-Bead Cart optimizes the process of applying OlyBond500 Insulation Adhesives from pressurized canisters.  The cart enables contractors to apply either four beads spaced 12-inches on center or seven beads spaced 6-inches on center, which is commonly specified for many adhesive applications.  It's easy-to-use, can enhance rooftop productivity, and optimizes coverage rates compared to dispensing with the hand applicator.

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

  • Guaranteed 6- or 12-inch on center adhesive bead spacing for a better quality installation.
  • Maximum yield and productivity per canister set.
  • Single person application that eliminates the need for bringing wagons and wheelbarrows onto the roof.
  • No moving parts to maintain and solid tires that won't go flat.
  • Single handle position makes it easy to start and stop the adhesive flow.
Product Use

Product Use

The OMG BeadPro Multi-Bead Cart is the most efficient method for applying OlyBond500 Canister adhesives, and allows contractors to simultaneously apply adhesives in either four beads, spaced 12-inches on center, or seven beads, spaced 6-inches on center. OlyBond500 rises 3/4 in. to 1 in. above the substrate and then the board stock is placed into the adhesive and walked into place. The chemical cure takes place in approximately 10-15 minutes after dispensing, depending on temperature and weather conditions. OlyBond500 is FM and Miami-Dade County Approved.

Packaging Info

Packaging Info


Cat. No. Product Description Packaging Qty Weight (lbs)
OBBEADPRO BeadPro Cart 1 103
OBBP-HOSEKIT OMG BeadPro 12-inch on center Hose Kit (sold separately) 1 0.5
OBBP-HOSEKIT6OC OMG BeadPro 6-inch on center Hose Kit (sold separately) 1 0.5


Cat. No. Product Description Packaging Qty Weight (lbs)
OB5001-TANK OlyBond500 Canister (Part 1) 1 48
OB5002-TANK OlyBond500 Canister (Part 2) 1 44
OB500PT-GUNKIT Replacement Hose and Gun Set 1 5
OB500PT-MIXTIP10 Bag of Ten Mix Tips 10 3
OB500PT-MTIPEXT10 Bag of Ten Mix Tip Extension Tubes 10 2